Road To Epicness!

2012-03-08 22:37:30 by Smackster

I'm really starting to like classical epic pieces so now I'm looking to write my own. More so, rock orchestra pieces. So hopefully this can turn out as epic as I imagine and I hope you guys enjoy my future works.

More tunes for more people to maybe(?) enjoy! Lemme know what you guys think!

Music For Animations!

2009-11-29 16:23:29 by Smackster

Dude, I'd love to make a song for somebody's movie or game and stuff, just message me if ya want, tell me how you want it to sound, feeling, tone or something and I'll give it shot.

Mo' And Mo' Music!

2009-10-20 02:09:32 by Smackster

Check my shit peeples! Yeah, it's techno, oh well. I'll return the favor.

"The League" Trailer Announcement

2009-09-04 21:56:45 by Smackster

About time I came up with a do-able idea for the ability I have now, don't get me wrong, I got lots of ideas but I just don't have the ability to implement them the way I want. As of right now here are the cast members for the toon, consisting of none other than's very own players. Read the P.S. before you comment on the names like the first tard did. (Yeah, deleted his ass!)

Smack (Me)

This is underway and should be good. Stay tuned for further updates. Message me if you want to be apart of upcoming projects, or even invite me in on some hehe, no seriously, I want in.

P.S. These names used, yeah, those are the shortened gamertags of a few friends of mine, it's purely coincidence that my friend chose Sasuke as his gamertag so don't act like I'm stealing anything from anyone. It's a name, get over it. One more thing, Naruto sucks balls anyway. Love, Smackies.

The end of the first season of's 3 vs 3 League Game is coming to a close, drawing the end of season tourney that much closer. Victorious Secret for the win, everyone else can eat shit! Love, Smackies.

Smack-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Getting There...

2009-08-16 02:39:09 by Smackster

Another song from ol' Smacky here. Still in the process of learning Flash but trust me, it'll be awesome when I get it right. As for now enjoy the soothing (Unless it sucks total ass.) sounds of Star Rider.

Alright, now I'm talking!

2009-07-21 18:14:01 by Smackster

Okay, no flashes submitted yet but I may have some ideas ready. I've gotten around to posting some music, no big deal though, I don't study the stuff. I'll be making some cartoon shorts along with a cartoon series called "The League" based on the events and people at the website Feel free to go to that website and signup. (Free) Only if you're a hardcore Gears of War fan such as myself. (40K people wiped out and counting...)

Yep, I'm a scrub.

2009-07-09 03:45:49 by Smackster

I have very, very, VERY little knowledge on how to use Flash but I am interested. Any tips and tricks would be appreciated. Right now I just graduated from my final training stage of my military job so I'm on a rather large vacation. Look at that, not even two years in and I'm already E-4. Hell yeah.